Workplace Injury Prevention and Management Specialists

Passionate about what we do, which is supporting people to get back to work and the things that they love.
Meet The Team

Workplace Injury Prevention and Management Specialists

Passionate about what we do, which is supporting people to get back to work and the things that they love.
Meet The Team

Who We Are

Work Flo Health Services was founded in August 2022. We love to be part of a client’s journey, where we are a passenger and the client is empowered to take the driver’s seat to achieve their own goals. We see every client as an individual with a unique experience, which helps us to tailor our services so that treatment goals are meaningful.

Holistic Care

We prioritise holistic care to achieve the best outcomes for our clients and key stakeholders.

Evidence-based Practice

We pride ourselves in keeping up to date with evidence-based practice and consider the biopsychosocial approach to rehabilitation when delivering our services.

A Collaborative Approach

We believe a collaborative approach is essential, and we thrive on working with other disciplines to achieve outcomes.

Adelaide-based Occupational Therapy

Experience transformative occupational therapy services across Adelaide, South Australia, empowering individuals of all ages to enhance their daily living skills and overall well-being.

What we do

We provide injury prevention and injury management services to employers, insurers or individuals.

Worksite Assessment

This includes a clinical/functional review of an injured worker, assessment of the physical and/or psychological demands of the role, and any recommendations to assist with recovery and return to work. This includes development of a graduated return to work plan, if required.

Job Dictionary

Objective assessment and documentation of the physical and/or psychological demands of each role within the company. This can be a useful tool for employers to use when supporting their injured workers to return to work, and when employing potential new staff.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Standardised three-hour assessment to objectively assess an individual’s overall capacity. This can be in relation to a specific role, or an overall indication of capacity. A thorough report is completed.

Ergonomic Assessment

An assessment of a specific work area, and making recommendations to ensure that the best postures are sustained. This may include equipment recommendations, postural recommendations and adjustments that can be made on the day of assessment.

Activities of daily living Assessment

An assessment of the individual’s home environment and daily activities, and recommendations to increase independence. This may include equipment, services and/or strategies.

Workplace Rehabilitation

Implementation and monitoring of graduated return-to-work plans, collaborating with the treating medical team and ongoing education to workers and employers to assist with a full return-to-work outcome.

Early Intervention Assessment

Advice and support directly following a workplace injury to achieve a timely return to work outcome.

Injury Prevention Services & Training

We come into your workplace, assess your business' needs, and provide any advice that may prevent future injuries. This includes personalised individual or group training (including manual handling training), ergonomic assessments, equipment recommendations and injury-specific advice.

Self-insured Injury Services

This includes any of the aforementioned services or other services required by an employer to support injury prevention and management within their workplace.

    Meet the Team

    Work Flo Health Services is operated by founder and Occupational Therapist Marie Floridis, as well as Occupational Therapist Sarah Tarca.

    Marie Floridis

    Independent Occupational Therapist (B.App.Sc.O.T.)

    I am an energetic Occupational Therapist graduating in 2010, always with an interest and passion for occupational/vocational rehabilitation and injury prevention. I was also lucky enough to merge my passions for travel and my profession by living abroad in the UK for just over 2 years. There I gained experience in functional capacity evaluations, employer injury prevention and management, and also training/coaching many lovely occupational therapists.

    I love working collaboratively with other allied health professionals, partnering together to achieve the best outcomes for my clients. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone achieve their own personal goals, and empowering them to do so!

    Sarah Tarca

    Independent Occupational Therapist (MOccTh GradEntry)

    I am a passionate Occupational Therapist currently working in the occupational rehabilitation space with experience in aged care and disability. Prior to completing my Masters Degree in 2019, I worked as a case manager and an injury management consultant. What I love most about working as an occupational therapist is meeting new clients, getting to know them, and understanding their individual goals and motivations.

    Whilst I always enjoy supporting clients to return to work successfully, what is most fulfilling is seeing clients return to life, re-engaging in the activities that make them happy. Activities that make me happy outside of work are travelling, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

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    Please feel free to contact either of us directly, or via the online contact form below.

    Marie Floridis

    Independent Occupational Therapist (B.App.Sc.O.T.)

    Sarah Tarca

    Independent Occupational Therapist (MOccTh GradEntry)
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